Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Swing, Swing, Swing on the Swing...

This is probably not a "back to blogging" post.  Let's be real- I've tried getting on this whole blogger band wagon and I just cannot seem to make this a consistent part of my routine.  But I wish it were.  As I am in the day to day grind of this beautiful difficult thing called motherhood, I wish I had more time to write.  Most days, like today, I don't really have anything in particular I want to write.  But I continue to feel this nagging desire inside of me that wants to write.  I think it is a life giving, energizing pastime for me personally.  Reading, praying, and reflecting as well.  But I have missed writing.  I admitted to my husband the other night (on one of our few date nights- and we had Will, the baby, date night nonetheless) that I felt called to write a book someday.  Maybe not called- but it has definitely been on my heart lately.  The scary thing about admitting it out loud is that now I might actually have to do it someday.  I am waiting to have something important- or at least something worthwhile in saying.  I want it to be live giving to others.  So I may start next week or in a few years- whenever I feel I have found a good story to share.

Since the last time I have written, we moved back to Indiana and I've had another sweet boy.  You won't see anymore blog posts about me missing my friends and family in the Midwest but rather you will hear about what a joy it is to live close to extended family.  Don't get me wrong it can be difficult at times, but the good times outweigh the bad and I am thankful for the blessing of family.

I have to go-my few minutes of alone time are gone.  Oh, the sacrifices and joys of motherhood.

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